A young woman standing on the road and opening a champaign bottle, joy on her face.
A young woman standing on the road and opening a champaign bottle, joy on her face.
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I was recently looking for a new job, and I’ve found a place I feel deeply that is the right place for me. Perhaps it’s the best fit among the 7 attempts in total that I’ve had with finding a good workplace for myself.

It’s no coincidence. It was also the job hunt I’d put the most effort into. I took the time to define to myself what I want, to research companies, to prepare myself for interviews. It was still a chaotic and random process — job hunting is not something that one has complete control over. …

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I described in a separate post details about the process we’ve been doing recently in our engineering department, where we started working with levels for our engineers and QA. After discussions in our tech directors forum and review of the expectations by every member of our department, we ended up with the below list.

I hope it can help you, junior developers who want to understand better if “you’re there yet”, or managers who want to get inspiration.

Every level’s expectations include the expectations from levels below it. …

A ladder going up on a hill covered with grass
A ladder going up on a hill covered with grass
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The good thing about levels, is the transparency. When it’s clear to people what’s expected of them, stress goes down. It’s much easier to give frequent feedback with reference. “Remember that expectation from the list? I think you can improve in it by doing this and that”. With frequent feedback and low stress levels, productivity goes up. Aspiring to progress towards the next level can encourage managers to be more mindful about careers when allocating people to certain projects or tasks.

At Apegroup we’ve had a few more reason for introducing levels: at a Peakon survey employees asked to have…

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Leaders in tech companies, this post is for you.

Two weeks ago we started a wonderful tradition: the weekly morning coffee for engineering managers in Stockholm. We are a forum of leaders in engineering who want to grow our skills and network.

During the introduction round, one participant said that diversity has its limitations, because communication of people from different backgrounds creates more friction than of people from the same background.

I believe in diversity

I have been a woman in engineering for the past 13 years. I have worked for 7 different organisations in different roles. I am a senior full stack engineer…

How not to render box #1 when we click on box #3? That was my goal in this exercise. I used styled components and React hooks on CodeSandBox.

This is the code I started with:

Here’s how to convince yourself that when you click on a box in this implementation, React renders all the other boxes: open this app, open the dev tools, and go to the React profiler. You’ll see that:

Last week we were able to go on a beautiful five days hike in a very well organised, yet not too popular, nature reserve in northern Sweden. In this post we will describe the trails, preparations, and our experiences during the hike. All the photos in this posts were taken by us. I wrote this post with my spouse, Yoav Luft.


STF membership card

We signed up for a STF membership card. STF is the Swedish Tourist Association — this is the organisation the operates the cabins and marks trails in Sweden. …

What are the main considerations one needs to think of when creating a web application? Why does the architecture in your company is the way it is? What are its non trivial parts? How to think about the “other end”?

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

After working in 5 startups, mostly as a full stack engineer, being dev lead, CTO and tech director, and creating many side projects - I want to share my thoughts about choosing technologies to work with and how to think in a high level perspective about web applications.

What are the most high level components of web applications?

If you need to pick just 3–4 components that are the most…

With Git Workflows, NPM, and 3rd party libraries

Lately, I’ve sat down to define the release procedures for my team. I went through git workflows, best practices for versioning, and methods to upgrade external libraries. I wanted to have all my learning in one place, because I know I’ll get back to that in the future. I hope you’ll find it helpful as well.

In this article I will explain how to combine git workflow, semver, and NPM to create healthy library management and CI in JavaScript. It began bothering me when my team became bigger and we had to create a better process that worked for everyone…

My company’s office is in a co-working space. It’s a building with many different rooms and a shared kitchen. The building doesn’t have a community manager, so the staff is trying to do the best they can.

Another tenant of this building, a founder and CEO of one of the companies on our floor, introduced a need to have a founders community in the building.

Although I’m an engineer, I’ve founded and managed a few communities in the past years. …

Dafna Rosenblum

Engineering Manager at Kry. Co-Founder of extend-tech.com. Podcasting @extend_podcast. Twitting @dafnaros.

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