Finding Your Next Job — a Friendly Framework

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I was recently looking for a new job, and I’ve found a place I feel deeply that is the right place for me. Perhaps it’s the best fit among the 7 attempts in total that I’ve had with finding a good workplace for myself.

It’s no coincidence. It was also the job hunt I’d put the most effort into. I took the time to define to myself what I want, to research companies, to prepare myself for interviews. It was still a chaotic and random process — job hunting is not something that one has complete control over. But I felt I’m sitting in the driver's seat.

And I’d like to share with you the tool that I used for this search. It’s a Notion template that I developed during my search, and you can find it here: You can copy it to your private and free Notion account and start editing it immediately. If you use it and it helps you, please let me know by leaving a comment in this post or any other way.

Good luck!




Engineering Manager at Kry. Co-Founder of Podcasting @extend_podcast. Twitting @dafnaros.

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Dafna Rosenblum

Dafna Rosenblum

Engineering Manager at Kry. Co-Founder of Podcasting @extend_podcast. Twitting @dafnaros.

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