The Learning Library

How to create a recommendations database for professional growth in R&D

Screenshot from Kry’s Learning Library

What is it good for?

We created this library to complement our development plans: they contain, for each topic that the employee wants to improve, a few columns, and one of them is resources they will use to grow in that area.

How do people use it?

Our R&D members can go on our organisation’s Notion and into one of three rooms: Engineering, Product, or Design. In each room there are shelves, like the Software shelf from the screenshot above, and on the shelves there is one page per resource.

Roll out

To roll this project out we created the rooms with initial recommendations, then invited a group of beta testers to test it out, learned from their behavior and feedback, adjusted the documentation and then presented the library in a show & tell meeting, and published the recording in several Slack channels. We added a channel for the community, and we monitor the additions to make sure people stick to the format and learn from the behavior of the whole R&D when using it.

Technical Details

In Notion we created two databases inside the library page, one for the books/resources, and one for the recommendation. On each shelf there’s a ‘linked view of database’, filtered according to the shelf’s name, and with a Gallery view. For each room there’s a table of contents.

Worth the Investment

We’re very happy that we have this initiative and receive good feedback on it, and we feel that it was worth the investment. We recommend you to have such a library in your org as well!



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